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Polymer Clay for Beginners. Jewelry

The possibilities of polymer clay are unlimited, it turns out very beautiful decorations and decor. This course is intended for those who are just starting their acquaintance with baked polymer clay, but it is also perfect for those who once worked with clay for a long time, but abandoned it, and now decided to return.

On the course, we will examine in detail the varieties of clay, the features of working with it, we will study many interesting techniques, and the words "Gold leaf" and "extruder" will cease to be so scary. We will teach you to choose the right clay for a particular project, to make fixtures for decorations correctly, we will reveal to you all the tricks and secrets that are usually carefully hidden by craftsmen. Our goal is to teach you to create striking masterpieces so that you make as few mistakes as possible, and love the clay just as we love it!

The course consists of 40 lessons, 30 different techniques, and you have a whole year of access to video lessons. You can study at any time convenient to you, in any place where there is an Internet! At the end of the course, you will know how to create unique and stylish jewelry and decorations from baked polymer clay, and you can turn your artwork to profitable business.

In each lesson there is a field for comments where you can ask questions, and the teacher of the course Anna Shafigina will answer them.

Welcome to the course!



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