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Clay Art - 1 Course  is a very large and interesting course for all - for beginners, for experienced masters  who already have a practice with polymer clay, who does not stand still, who likes to learn something new, who keep pace with the times, and for those who want a hobby bring to business.

You will learn:

  • Easy way to create very realistic flowers
  • Absolutely realistic painting tecnique
  • Collect all elements of plant together to achieve lifelike result
  • Competently select the color scheme of the bouquet
  • Properly arrange the composition and select flowers
  • New techniques of mixing clay with pigments and paints
  • To mold 25 different kinds of flowers with leaves
  • All nessessary tricks and tecniques about clay.

The course "Clay Art -1 Course" includes a lecture "How to make a masterpiece", and this is a powerful theoretical basis for the principles of. To get the access to the video, you must register and make a payment. After payment, access to the video lessons will be opened to you for 1 year. After this period, access can be extended by subscribing.

Price: 650.00 $
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